Sopranino Speaker Stand (Optional)


The most refined compact loudspeaker for high-resolution audio sources.

  • Overview


    • Precision machined metal construction. Solid and stable
    • A perfect visual complement to Sopranino
    • Adjustable positioning location for Sopranino, ranging from approx. 36″ up to 48″ (900mm – 1200mm)
    • Slim & compact for minimal visual intrusion
    • Easy clamp system for the secure attachment of Sopranino


    After a number of requests from customers for an optional speaker stand designed specifically for Sopranino, we decided to respond to the market and undertake the challenge. It turned out to be no easy task. The charge was to create a proprietary stand that was both functional and elegant, and specifically designed to allow the Soprano to be placed at a scalable, optimized height for use with a wide range of speakers. It also had to have superb sonic qualities.

    Ultimately what emerged after a six month effort was a beautifully executed stand comprised of precision machined metal of the highest grade, finished to perfection, and easily adjustable. It can only be described as an incredible combination of beauty and functionality, and a stand worthy of being associated with Sopranino.

  • Specs

    Dimensions 9.3”Wx49”Hx12.6”L/(237x1244x320mm)
    Weight 23.4 lbs (10.5 Kg)
    Height Adjustment (7) Positions: 35.4”–47.2”/per 1.97” (900–1200mm/per 50mm)



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