Apocalypse AP2


Full-size bookshelf speaker for almost any sized space

  • Overview

    One of the very few compact monitor speakers that you could happily live with for years to come

    AP2 is a full-size bookshelf speaker designed for almost any sized space. Its powerful 180 mm mid/bass driver ensures it can flex its power when there’s heavy punch to be done, while its 34 mm soft-dome tweeter takes care of the fine detail.

    AP2 has been designed by a group of dedicated people who loves and devoted to audio technology back to over 30-year ago. We’ve crafted it from hundreds of hours of intensive measuring and listening – real listening, to real music, in real rooms. We are proud to present you with our lifetime commitment and passion.  
    Advanced technology
    The crossover employs linear slopes, a 3rd-order high-pass, a 2nd-order low-pass, a Zobel filter and for internal space savings reasons there is no independent cover chamber. The port is tuned to 35 Hz.”

    AP2 uses a relatively large dome tweeter crossed in at 1 kHz. This is indicative of the core of our design philosophy: to create a woofer/tweeter combination that was designed specifically to complement the transparency and fast transient response of our unparalleled ARD.

    Being an extremely powerful low-distortion driver, our 100% proprietary 35 mm tweeter dome covers mid to 20 kHz to free us from needing a 3-way design. We think that a conventional 3-way design with a dedicated mid-range would have created very complicated phase/harmonic inconsistencies. When listening very intently to female vocals in a 3-way system for example, her base notes may come from the mid-range but the associated harmonics from the tweeter. This is inherently unnatural. If the mid-range is a cone driver, this problem will be exasperated. Female vocal cords are small. They cannot be accurately reproduced by a big heavy cone no matter what the brochure says.

    Additionally our very heavy metal face plate increases system mass to lower resonance. In this fashion we generate an extremely low resonant frequency with a relatively small enclosure. At the same time we exploit many different materials from metals to glass to plywood etc. to ensure that this system sounds maximally neutral and clean. 
     AP2 wields considerable emotional power, which, combined with exceptional tonal balance and an almost magical sense of transparency, make it an incredibly attractive proposition at all costs. It is a safe bet for music lovers. And you should know that it will give you many musical pleasure.

  • Specs

    Item Name Parameters
    Sensitivity 85dB(2.83V/1m)
    Recommended amplifier power 50–250W/channel
    Peak power handling 200W
    Nominal impedance
    Frequency response 35Hz ~ 20kHz
    Bass type Bass reflex
    Woofer 180mm PP cone
    Tweeter 34mm soft textile dome
    Crossover frequency 1,100 Hz
    Net Weight (main speaker) 12.5 Kg
    Dimension H:385mm, W:220mm, D:340mm



Black Lacquer, Birdseye Maple, Red Makassar



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