Apocalypse AP1


Compact bookshelf speaker for smaller spaces.

  • Overview

    The classic legacy of ENIGMAcoustics…

    We have been creating speakers that have been out of proportion to their physical size for over 10 years, and AP1 is no exception. These are real hi-fi … designed for serious entertainment.

    Do you want to know the secrets of design? Being an extremely powerful low distortion driver, our 100% proprietary 35mm tweeter dome covers the mid frequencies at 20kHz to avoid us needing a 3-way design. That means the whole unit in a predictable (and carefully tuned) way, for performance that achieves the ideal balance between bass and midrange.We believe that a classic 3-way design with a midrange dedicated would have created very complicated phase / harmonic inconsistencies.

    Connect them, turn them up, then invite a friend. We are sure they will be supprise by where the other speakers are. This is when you smile, shrug and invite them to sit in the sweet spot…. and hopefully enjoy them for the rest of time.

  • Specs

    Item Name Parameters
    Sensitivity 83dB@1W
    Recommended amplifier power 30–250W/channel
    Peak power 200W
    Nominal impedance
    Frequency response 55Hz ~ 25kHz
    Bass type Bass reflex
    Woofer 150mm PP cone
    Tweeter 34mm soft textile dome
    Crossover frequency 1,100 Hz
    Net Weight (main speaker) 10 Kg
    Dimension H:315mm, W:170mm, D:280mm

    *ENIGMAcoustics reserves the right to update specifications at anytime without prior written notice.



Black Lacquer, Birdseye Maple, Red Makassar



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